Friday, August 8, 2008

New Beginnings

Marriaege is a sacrrred cseremony...(my best impression of the Princess Bride line I can give in writing). Marriage is such a sacred ceremony and on 8/8/08 I tied the knot with the love of my life, Dale. You see things have been a whirlwind in 08 for us but so amazing since the day we met. It is hard to put into words what finding someone who you are meant to be with in life is like. From the minute we met and once we went on our first date, we have been hopelessly happy. Don't get me wrong, all relationships have growing pains. And whew, we have had our fair share of growing pains but that is what shows how real and right we are together. Each time we go through a situation that challenges us we bond closer than super glue. You see, we had planned on getting married in Feb 28th, 2009. Every day seemed to drag on and we longed to be married right away. We thought the logical thing was to wait one year from the date of our first date. So, thru a series of events I moved into an apartment, began working in HR again and surrendered to God that whatever He has planned would be where I would go. We were miserable in this time. Within two weeks of this new arrangement Dale and I both knew we missed each moment we were apart and the kids constantly wanted to get together. Our schedules were pulling us in different directions rather than our family growing together. The end of July we decided we just had to move up the I take you to 8 days before 8/8/08.......

On 7/31/08 we decided to get a little daring, a little spontaneous and stir up a lot of fun and get married in 8 days. Eight became the new pink to Everything was about the "new beginning" that we knew God had planned for us and we wanted desperately and it had to be sooner rather than later. So, we planned it for 8:08pm on the night of our dreams. You see, '08 means, "New Beginnings" and we were both certain that were exactly what we wanted, needed and were more than ready to venture into together. Therefore,
I quickly got in touch with vendors and found an amazing pastor from Love Notes in the DFW area who specializes in Blended Family Ceremonies. The messages the officials carried into the nuptials were beautiful. The passion the Pastor we spoke to showed us he knew what we were about and how amazing our family would be together. We found the most amazing little chapel. It is in Denton, Texas at the Texas Woman's University and is called the Little Chapel in the Woods. The quaint little chapel was beautiful and after the three previously planned wedding rehearsals that night, the chapel was free at 8pm. In the 8 days of preparation all the plans were actually completed and unbelievably perfect. Tuxes were ordered for the groom and three little boys, matching dresses were found at David's Bridal for the bride and daughter. The family "to be" of six would be dressed to kill. Finally, to make it extra special, a limousine was reserved for transportation to and from. Plan was made and things fell right into place.

The evening came quickly, and yet, not quick enough. The colors were red, white and black. The boutonnieres stood out against the black tuxedos with a magnificent red rose glow. The wedding bouquets were brilliant red roses bound with white lace. The excitement of all four kids could be felt from one end of Texas to the other because we were "super stars" for the moment of the limo ride. The kids rode in the back with the bride and the groom in the front with the limo driver since I was unmoving on the fact that the groom couldn't see me until I arrived in the chapel doorway to the Wedding March played on the piano. The ceremony was beautiful. The new uniting family did a sand ceremony to show that all the colors poured together by each new member blended and couldn't be separated although each individual and beautiful in each own way. This ceremony was all about them and for no one else except this happy team. Once over, the new Welsh family rode together in the stretch limo to drop off the kids and toasted to "kid friendly" champagne and enjoyed a private wedding cake. Dale and Amber were whisked away for a mini honeymoon weekend in the limousine, finally alone, and ready to celebrate.

This romance story is far from over, it is just beginning. The next few months are full of fun and uniting activities for the team. We can't wait to share our family with the world. We are certain we are going to be used to impact the world in amazing ways. Our vision together is to show others what it means to love with purity, give with freedom and serve with selflessness.

So, this family together experienced firsthand how, "Marriaege is a sacrrred cseremony" on 8/8/08 and we are all just beginning to see how "love, true love" is what it's all about!

**We want to extend a huge hug and thank you to the few friends who joined us for our special evening. A huge thank you goes out to Expressions of You Photography for the upcoming wedding photos. We love you all!! **

Love and Grace to you,
Amber Dawn