Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mrs. Titanium

The last year has been quite a journey for me. It was a season of rest, spiritual retreat and physical healing. February of 2014 began the rough road of new injury. I fell off the steps of a friend's house when leaving it one evening. The result was a broken foot, not just one place but three areas and a pulled tendon. Much of the year was about overcoming. In November, my knee gave away (again) while walking down stair at my house and I took another tumble. This was the point I gave in to the pending total knee replacement. It was looming over me since 2006.

Now, I'm in recovery mode. December 2014, I became Mrs. Titanium. The journey has been extremely difficult. Activity and adventure are part of life for me. Getting back to life without limits has taught me the importance of recognizing limitations and rest.

A new season is approaching. One with activity and adventure. Most importantly, it is a season of anointed progress. Stay tuned. The world is about to shift a little more Amber colored.