Wednesday, September 14, 2011

God-Focus! It Does Your Spirit Good ~ Pass it on!

"Today, I'm choosing obedience. Have been neglecting to follow through in some areas I have been called to do so I surrender!" This is the post I put out on my twitter page today. I put it out there as I took a break from doing one of the very things I was suppose to follow through with doing....Ironically, I realized at that moment that the only person who makes the choices for what gets accomplished in my life is ME!

Several months ago, I was seeking God in my journal. This was over a year ago in fact. I was asking what to do next. On the tear-stained pages, I had written that I was suppose to write a letter to two leaders in Christian Women's Ministry that I look up to in this area. I did not do it at that time because I thought, honestly, will they really ever read it? They are big wigs in the industry who have much more important things to focus on than taking any time for You know what God said to me about that? He said the only thing I care about is your obedience. Leave everything else alone. Hmmm, but I really think I know some stuff and I really like to have control. I saw how silly my lack of God-Focus is in life. Hello Amber, He is the Great I Am! This means that He not only created the universe and my Father actually ordered it into place but He keeps it all going. When I grasp the fullness of that I realized that my "stuff" and "control" and choices to do what I want to do really are not just silly but foolish.

The key thing I'm learning during this time in my life is that my plans are not bad. My talents and skills are strong and good but surrendering who I am to what He wants me to do is WAY better. Just because we are really good at something does not mean it is what we are suppose to do in life. The key is for each of us to embrace our place. Everyone that knows me very well knows that I'm huge on promoting that people need to follow their dreams and seek with all their heart those things that make them click. Not doing what we are really good at doesn't mean we don't follow our dreams. I think, it simply means that we move forward and do today those things we have to do, even though it may seem like it is off the course of our dreams.

I love the saying that says if the shoe fits wear it. But, in light of God-Focused living and setting our GPS (God Positioning System) towards heaven we might need to go shopping at a different store for shoes. I love wearing shiny, sparkly, high heels but lately I have been wearing my flip flops a lot. They both fit and both are getting me to where I need to be going. Although, I will not, and a major pet peeve of mine is, wear flip flops and a fancy dress or heels and athletic shorts. The key is balancing the right shoes with the right outfit. In life it is the same thing. It is about balancing our time with the right path. Honestly, it does your spirit man good. That is why I'm passing it on to you today. I feel like a million now that I wrote the letters, stamped the envelopes and actually put them in the mail. It isn't about a response or what happens but rather about my obedience.

The more we focus on the right plan for our lives and still embrace our dreams the closer we will get to the right fit for our lives. Go shoe shopping with me! No matter what kind you choose be sure they are the best look for your outfit and that you are following the G.P.S. to get to where you need to go! I am eXtraordinary! You are eXtraordinary! Let's focus and have obedience like it!