Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking Past Your Feelings - Embracing Faith

Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that created the problem.” What does this mean to us? Do we need someone else to solve our problems? Does it mean we are each victims in the situations which come our way? Absolutely not! Let’s look at what it does mean.

What can one do when feelings are outweighing facts? First, to admit you operate by feelings first in life circumstances is an act of courage. Maybe you feel the only way you can operate in your present suffering or trials is to react. I want to encourage you with a truth regarding situations versus reactions. You are in control of you! Your relationship with yourself is essential to your ability to cope and function in everything and with everyone who is in your path. You can journey down a path which will coach you to be extraordinary in the things to come your way. I know firsthand from personal experience. You see the last few years have been filled with deep trials for me. I had to learn to take control and surrender it my Coach in life.

In 2006, I began a journey to find out what I was searching for in life. Traveling a path attempting to determine what I really wanted and how I was going to get to that place. The two years following encompassed overwhelming events. I made a trip to Hollywood to see if that was the road I wanted to pursue. I found myself forced into redefining relationship in my life, my husband choosing to leave the marriage, a phase of after divorce decisions which were not in line with my convictions. I began to make choices that created chaos in an already chaotic situation. I learned that prescription drug use, attempts with alcohol to escape, entertaining men who were not worthy to be accepted and staying in a place of defeat did not honor my Abba Father. The God of Heaven began to show me how that in the midst of sorrow there could be great joy. It is amazing how promises breathed into scripture begin to come alive when you surrender the defeat and claim victory.

I choose to embrace the bad and replace it with good. It is our minute, hour, and daily decision on whether we change the course of our life by accepting the hard circumstances. Replacing the bad with good not only gives freedom, but it also allows you to gain control over your life (feelings). As my life continued spiraling out of control I must confess that staying in control was not always my reaction. The truth is I finally reached a breaking point in which I was able to reach out for help and sort through the areas where feelings were still enveloping my life. A wise man said to me, “You have to know you are sacred and that means you embrace yourself in self care." I want to ask you, have you gone before the throne and embraced who you are in His image so you can begin to care for yourself?

Another act of courage is realizing that feelings are not facts. While sitting at a conference held by a well known speaker I heard the following idea. Think of your mind as an air landing field. The controller watches to determine what is good and what is not good to land on the field in order to control what comes in and out. You have the same control. Do not let every thought land. Take control of your feelings because they will steer you wrong. Embrace the facts of the moment and fly to freedom.

Einstein was so wise. He understood the fact that our consciousness has the ability to be changed. No one is captive to continue doing the same actions which continue to disrupt their life. Instead, we can solve our own problems with a simple change of the mind. Line up with His mind. Embrace the mind of Christ. Soak in His presence. Be filled. Be encouraged. Live an extraordinary life by making extraordinary choices to replace feelings with facts. You can do this!

Amber Dawn Welsh - Founder and Owner of *EI* Ministries - "eXtraordinary Inspirations"